Ryan “Ryno” Templeton is a professional custom painter/airbrush artist with 26 years of solid experience to his credit. He discovered his love for drawing and designing at a very young age. Ryno has garnered worldwide attention because of his talent and style, and through appearances in movies and on television. He was hired to paint the bikes featured in the film Biker Boyz, but Ryno is best known as one of the cast members featured in the CMT reality show, Trick My Truck. He helped in the design and also painted all 59 trucks from the show.

Following that Ryno was part of the all-star cast in the hit series Car Warriors on the Speed Channel. He has appeared on Inside West Coast Customs and routinely appears as a custom painter on the new West Coast Customs on FOX Sports 2, laying down one-of-a-kind paint jobs for celebrity clients.

Check him out on the internet based paint video project, coastairbrush.tv, where he does step-by-step demonstrations and showcases life inside the kustom kulture world. Downloads are available for purchase. Check them out here! Thanks for the support and rock on!!!